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The Ten Plagues: What the ancient tradition of Passover can teach us about the Drug War and the era of mass...

Mar 30 • 1812 Views • Comments Off on The Ten Plagues: What the ancient tradition of Passover can teach us about the Drug War and the era of mass incarceration; An Excerpt from the Cannabis Passover Seder Haggadah

By Roy Kaufmann | March 30, 2016 A direct excerpt from our Cannabis Passover Seder Haggadah. Download it now to spark up interesting and engaging conversations around




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From the New Yorker: “The Meet Up” Featuring Le’Or and Co-founder Claire Kaufmann

February 29, 2016 | Anna Heyward | The New Yorker Next time you go to jail, David, ask for a kosher meal. They have to give it to you, and

Feb 22 • 334 Views


Jon Stewart: America’s Rabbi

We’re big fans of Jon Stewart. Such big fans that we’re completely trusting him about Trevor Noah and will be empathetic with a tough

Jan 25 • 821 Views


Jimmy Fallon’s Pot Problem

I like Jimmy Fallon. He seems like a genuinely grateful guy — grateful for his incredible career, his young family, and his adoring

Jan 21 • 2133 Views


Amazon’s Transparent Is High-Minded Jewishness at its Best

Jill Soloway’s brilliantly written, beautifully shot, honestly acted Amazon original series, Transparent, has gotten a ton of attention.

Jan 8 • 1390 Views


Get on the canna-bus, Miriam Adelson!

Dr. Adelson, Can we call you Miriam? Miri? Doc? No? Alright, eyn ba’aya (no problem). We can only imagine how busy you and your husband

Jan 7 • 890 Views


Honorable Mensch-ion: Rick Doblin

“There is a large percentage of Jews in science, but even a larger percentage in psychiatry. I think this Jewish focus on diseases of the

Dec 26 • 968 Views

Source: USNews

When It Comes to States With Legal Marijuana, Parents Need New Scripts

By Claire Kaufmann | December 12, 2015 | Just yesterday I came upon this archived article from the Seattle Times.  While

Dec 12 • 759 Views


Unrest in the Middle West: What can we learn from Ohio’s Issue 3?

There’s trouble brewing in Ohio. Unrest in the Middle West. Issue 3, Ohio’s marijuana legalization initiative, has polarized and

Oct 26 • 536 Views

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Torah Ganja: High Priests? The Burning Bush? Where can you find cannabis in the Torah?; An Excerpt from the Cannabis Passover...

Apr 13 • 483 Views • 1 Comment on Torah Ganja: High Priests? The Burning Bush? Where can you find cannabis in the Torah?; An Excerpt from the Cannabis Passover Seder

April 13, 2016 | Roy Kaufmann The following is an excerpt from our Cannabis Passover Seder Hagaddah.  Explore this: Torah ganja? Were the High Priests high? Was the


Ganjapreneur David Schacter on Israel’s Cannabis Scene

Take a listen to this interview with cannabis entrepreneur David Schacter on the @Cashinbis show. It’s a great

Feb 24 • 615 Views


Brain Games’ Jason Silva: cannabis legalization = cognitive liberty!

One of the more articulate and engaging thinkers out in the world is Brain Games host and psychonaut Jason Silva.

Jan 2 • 359 Views

Bernie and Mike: the interview

Bernie and Mike: the interview

One of the most exciting developments to come out of this seemingly never-ending presidential campaign cycle is the

Dec 24 • 364 Views

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From Clergy for NDP: A Jewish Perspective on Drug Policy Reform

By Rabbi Elliot Dorff, PhD | May 1, 2015 “Clergy for a New Drug Policy” seeks to mobilize clergy across faiths in

Dec 4 • 1663 Views


Colbert holds Kasich’s feet to the fire on marijuana prohibition

Like another of our Drug Peace heroes, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert has been consistent in his scorn for

Nov 10 • 390 Views

Ending mass incarceration in the next decade

Ending mass incarceration in the next decade

If you aren’t familiar yet with the incredible work of the Equal Justice Initiative, now’s your

Oct 26 • 355 Views

Amen, Doctor A!

Props to Green Flower Media for this gem. Wishing everyone a safe and warm Shabbat Shalom!  

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From The Atlantic: The Racism of Mass Incarceration, Visualized

Few national publications have focused more on the ravages of the Drug War than The Atlantic. From its cover stories by

Oct 9 • 458 Views


From the NYT: Alcohol vs. Marijuana – If he had to pick, Aaron Carroll, professor of pediatrics...

I am so thrilled that we are finally starting to contemplate “the new talk.” It is us, the parents, who

Mar 17 • 587 Views

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Did You Know that Israel is a Global Leader in Cannabis Research?

From The Atlantic: Mass Incarceration, Visualized

If you are new to the topic of drug policy and prison reform view this piece from The Atlantic:

Jews and Weed Go Together like Bagels and Lox